I am a 51 years old Wife and Mother to two lovely boys aged 12 and 8. I started this lifestyle change 16 years ago and I have not looked back ever since. It has come with some struggles as well as some success and I approach every day with an open mind to help me learn more about improving myself. My formative years were spent drinking, smoking and eating unhealthy; exercise was definitely not on my radar. At 33 however, I took the first step by quitting smoking and then 2 years later joined my local gym after seeing a holiday snap of my flabby self. This may seem cliché but that picture was a reality check for me and I have been committed and consistently exercising to keep off the flab. We all have our demons and have different ways of battling them and exercising has been my escape so-to-speak.

To further push myself, I decided to compete in the UK’s largest fitness show Miami Pro Championship when I turned 49 and one year later I won my category. Success they say comes with hard graft, and not being one to rely on my laurels I will take the stage in November 2013 for the prestigious WBFF European show at the O2 Arena in London. Besides being able to self-motivate, I have to say we all need a solid support system to back us up on our down days. There are those negative days when we feel the world is against us, or we are too weak to function, or we don’t feel good enough; and no matter how strong or healthy we are we always need someone to say those magic words — “everything will be fine,” or “you’re doing great.” My family and my trainer have been there for me and we all can be there for each other through whatever fitness journey we embark on.

Goals are realised by consistent small steps, not intermittent giant leaps.

Easy Does It but Do It !