Breaking Into The Fitness Industry




This is a subject very dear to me as this is one of the questions I get asked the most — “I’m trying to be a fitness model, how do I start?” I always tell them to go for it, you don’t just start — take the bull by the horns and run with it, literally. Its one thing if you just want to be a fitness model to pose in magazines and campaigns, and its another if you want to be a competitive fitness model; i.e those that parade in all their tanned and glittery glory on stage and kick ass while they are at it! I know which one I’d rather be, but which would you rather be? You can succeed at both if you network properly and I will emphasize on that in a few lunges. 😉





You need to distinguish and find your niche by not only being physically prepared but also mentally. I say this because like any entertainment industry, it is tough as nails out here ! It took me years on end to ready my mind, body and soul before summing up the courage to compete with the help of my amazing trainer Ian Dowe. Now exposure and networking plays a fundamental role in any fitness modelling career and you have to find the right fit when it comes to trainers, agencies, photographers, supplements, magazines and newspapers. There are also various fitness shows / expos you could attend to get your face out there, never be afraid of overexposure as there is no such thing when you are trying to build a distinctive brand. (Cue the Diva in the middle from the photo below)






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