WBFF Competition Dieting


To get into great condition I diet from around 8 weeks before my show date. I restrict my carbs and eat very clean. I eat fruit in moderation, have the occasional cup of tea with milk, but all junk food is out until the show is over.

Just something I’ve noticed…I shop a bit more often. Not sure if its the exciting changes taking place in my mind and body that spur me on to dash round Primark or the fact that when shopping for all things girly, there’s no time to think about food ! Probably a bit of both. This is also a fun time because I’m shopping for things that will photograph well in the shoots I have coming up in the next few weeks.Photos are very important. The stage moments are over in a flash, but photos are my lasting record of the months of hard training and dieting.

It Works if You Work it so Work it ….You’re Worth it !!! xxxxx

Countdown Thurs Oct 3 , 5.5 weeks out


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