After the build up to competetion. Now what ?


It’s pretty normal for fitness athletes to feel rather down after the long hard preparation to get stage ready. I am no exception. All year I have had the goal to compete. I knew I had a show in April and straight afterwards I was prepping for November. And while its so great not to be training so hard, and better still Im not dieting it takes some readjustment to ease back into off season normality. I am eating far less protein as I dont need as much. My fave treat right now is brown toast with peanut butter and honey. Good for energy. I admit to feeling down some days. Its cold and dark here in London and the days are getting shorter in terms of daylight. With no immediate goals on the horizon, a good thing actually….Its been a case of putting one foot in front of the other and getting on with it. My two young sons keep me on track and highly functioning. They deserve a happy Mommy and now that the rigors of competetion are over at least for now Im enjoying getting ready for Xmas . Jamie my 8 year old was singing me some of the Christmas carols he’s rehearsing for the school concert. Rob and I are really looking forward to it. Life is so much about finding balance. Its all too easy to get caught up in the destination and neglect the journey. So fitties, I hope this year had been good to you and that 2014 brings you peace. xoxo


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