Competetion Build Up

It”s that time again.My second year of competing. I am now 6 months out . The next 2 months I am in hard training . Lifting as heavy as I can and still a relaxed eating style BUT I am cutting down on portion size and even my junk portions …I eat sweets or cake maybe some pizza once a week possibly twice . I do not count macros or calories but I know when I am eating too much or too little. My body tells me and it is important to be in tune with it. Each days energy requirements vary and for this reason I do not weigh or count.  In the gym I don’t do any super sets or drop sets at this stage. But the rests in between sets is brutally short . Just enough time to catch my breath , 20 to 30 secs .

Last week Saturday I did a figure posing lesson with Danni at Monster Gym. Today I need to discipline myself to put in some practice as I have many hours ahead of me to master the moves so they look natural. Later on I will make time to improve on my Fitness model routine which is freeer and more fluid, but one thing at a time.

I can get very one track in my thinking,,,Something I need to contain . Preparation for competition is really exciting but it can dominate the landscape if I let it.


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