17 April 2014



Believe it or not I am training just 3 days a week. I rotate my sessions. Back and Shoulders, Legs Chest and Arms and then rotate. So Im training legs 2x a week and then the following week I train back 2x a week. Last year I trained 4x a week but as Ive been training hard now for 2 years I have built my foundation so I don’t have to train as often.



Seated DB Shoulder Press               4 sets                                                                     Single Arm DB Rows                      4 sets

Standing DB Alternate Raises         3 sets                                                                     T Bar Rows                                        4 sets

DB Side Lateral Raises                      3 sets                                                                      Lateral Pull downs                          4 sets

Seated Machine Rows                       4 sets

Abs    every other workout



Just long enough to catch my breath. These sessions are HARD and INTENSE


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