23 April 2014


Sugar Addiction. Does it really exist and is it a true addiction akin to drugs or alcohol ? 

This has long been debated, but speaking from personal experience I am a sugar addict . My addiction is a mental one for I have gone for weeks on end without ingesting any artificial sugars . Just like the dry alcoholic , temptation’s siren song draws me back.

Sugar especially mixed with white flour , cakes , donuts, buns, muffins etc are my preferred drug of choice. Why ? That is a good question. Why not any other substance ? I am not entirely sure, but what I do know is this is what I used from an early age , 9 being first memory , to cope with anxiety and uncomfortable emotions. A coping mechanism that I would continue to use for many years.


It would be true to say that one of the reasons I did’nt try and compete was because I never thought I could handle the diet. I was right to be cautious. Three competitions under my belt, the diet can be very heavy going sometimes. Even in the off season which I am in now, I have to eat a clean natural duet. I need to watch my portions so I do not gain too much bodyfat. The stripping fat phase will be an uphill task if I do and the process is hard enough as it is.

Which brings me back to sugar addiction. Last year through duscipline and self control I would get through a clean eating week only to fall apart on a Friday evening and cram as many biscuits or  such like in a short space of time til I felt satisfied. Then I would restrain nyself for another week only to repeat the process.

Once I start eating refined sugar I usually can’t stop. It has me in it’s grasp. This year the process has not got any easier. I often have to tear myself away from the kitchen, or write out my feelings until the cravings pass. Sometimes I just give in, followed by the inevitable feelings of guilt.

i considered hypnotherapy as I heard it had a high success rate but was told that unless it was a specific food like chocolate it could’nt be done. So I just carried on with will power and discipline, neither of which have turned out to be ideal solutions in the long term.

Following another sugar episode over Easter I found myself on the internet googling Sugar Addiction. I found a leading hypnotherapist who  claims 90% success rate at turning me off the white stuff in just two sessions.

My first  session is next week and the final one a week later. I will keep you posted as to how I get on. Fingers crossed. 

Easy Does it, But Do It !


Love , Donna x







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