I had posted earlier that I was contemplating having hypnotherapy for my sugar cravings. I don’t take kindly to being controlled. I quit smoking over 20 years ago for that very reason. The hold it had on me. Well with sugar for so many years I have felt controlled. I can go for weeks on end before a competition but I struggle in the off season. Couldn’t go a week without some kind of sweet treat.

I had considered hypnotherapy some years ago but it wasn’t until I attended Paul McKenna’s Change Your Life Seminar in May that I really thought …I’m going to go for it. Paul is one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists. I also met many qualified therapists in attendance who admire his work and assured me of it’s powers.


My issues were not physical, they were in my mind. I needed to reprogramme the way I think about sugar. This is not about willpower. That only works for so long.

I had the required 2 sessions a week apart. 3 days after my final one I had my usual Friday sugar binge. Gutted is not the word. I rang up and said Ive failed miserably !!

All I can say is that in 5 weeks all I have eaten is a small ice cream cone. It tasted great but I didn’t continue. I no longer desire sweet foods but I THINK

about sugar a lot. That I am sure will improve in time. Old patterns I guess are hard to break, but I don’t CRAVE and that’s a massive freedom.

PRICELESS !!!! So I am not going to disclose the cost. It’s only money and it’s all about our value systems. I won’t buy designer clothes because they are not important. But I spend thousands on competing ! so there you go !

Easy Does It But Do It !!!!

Love , especially to those who need to break free from their own chains.

Donna xx


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