I had posted earlier that I was contemplating having hypnotherapy for my sugar cravings. I don’t take kindly to being controlled. I quit smoking over 20 years ago for that very reason. The hold it had on me. Well with sugar for so many years I have felt controlled. I can go for weeks on end before a competition but I struggle in the off season. Couldn’t go a week without some kind of sweet treat.

I had considered hypnotherapy some years ago but it wasn’t until I attended Paul McKenna’s Change Your Life Seminar in May that I really thought …I’m going to go for it. Paul is one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists. I also met many qualified therapists in attendance who admire his work and assured me of it’s powers.


My issues were not physical, they were in my mind. I needed to reprogramme the way I think about sugar. This is not about willpower. That only works for so long.

I had the required 2 sessions a week apart. 3 days after my final one I had my usual Friday sugar binge. Gutted is not the word. I rang up and said Ive failed miserably !!

All I can say is that in 5 weeks all I have eaten is a small ice cream cone. It tasted great but I didn’t continue. I no longer desire sweet foods but I THINK

about sugar a lot. That I am sure will improve in time. Old patterns I guess are hard to break, but I don’t CRAVE and that’s a massive freedom.

PRICELESS !!!! So I am not going to disclose the cost. It’s only money and it’s all about our value systems. I won’t buy designer clothes because they are not important. But I spend thousands on competing ! so there you go !

Easy Does It But Do It !!!!

Love , especially to those who need to break free from their own chains.

Donna xx



23 April 2014


Sugar Addiction. Does it really exist and is it a true addiction akin to drugs or alcohol ? 

This has long been debated, but speaking from personal experience I am a sugar addict . My addiction is a mental one for I have gone for weeks on end without ingesting any artificial sugars . Just like the dry alcoholic , temptation’s siren song draws me back.

Sugar especially mixed with white flour , cakes , donuts, buns, muffins etc are my preferred drug of choice. Why ? That is a good question. Why not any other substance ? I am not entirely sure, but what I do know is this is what I used from an early age , 9 being first memory , to cope with anxiety and uncomfortable emotions. A coping mechanism that I would continue to use for many years.


It would be true to say that one of the reasons I did’nt try and compete was because I never thought I could handle the diet. I was right to be cautious. Three competitions under my belt, the diet can be very heavy going sometimes. Even in the off season which I am in now, I have to eat a clean natural duet. I need to watch my portions so I do not gain too much bodyfat. The stripping fat phase will be an uphill task if I do and the process is hard enough as it is.

Which brings me back to sugar addiction. Last year through duscipline and self control I would get through a clean eating week only to fall apart on a Friday evening and cram as many biscuits or  such like in a short space of time til I felt satisfied. Then I would restrain nyself for another week only to repeat the process.

Once I start eating refined sugar I usually can’t stop. It has me in it’s grasp. This year the process has not got any easier. I often have to tear myself away from the kitchen, or write out my feelings until the cravings pass. Sometimes I just give in, followed by the inevitable feelings of guilt.

i considered hypnotherapy as I heard it had a high success rate but was told that unless it was a specific food like chocolate it could’nt be done. So I just carried on with will power and discipline, neither of which have turned out to be ideal solutions in the long term.

Following another sugar episode over Easter I found myself on the internet googling Sugar Addiction. I found a leading hypnotherapist who  claims 90% success rate at turning me off the white stuff in just two sessions.

My first  session is next week and the final one a week later. I will keep you posted as to how I get on. Fingers crossed. 

Easy Does it, But Do It !


Love , Donna x






17 April 2014



Believe it or not I am training just 3 days a week. I rotate my sessions. Back and Shoulders, Legs Chest and Arms and then rotate. So Im training legs 2x a week and then the following week I train back 2x a week. Last year I trained 4x a week but as Ive been training hard now for 2 years I have built my foundation so I don’t have to train as often.



Seated DB Shoulder Press               4 sets                                                                     Single Arm DB Rows                      4 sets

Standing DB Alternate Raises         3 sets                                                                     T Bar Rows                                        4 sets

DB Side Lateral Raises                      3 sets                                                                      Lateral Pull downs                          4 sets

Seated Machine Rows                       4 sets

Abs    every other workout



Just long enough to catch my breath. These sessions are HARD and INTENSE

Competetion Build Up

It”s that time again.My second year of competing. I am now 6 months out . The next 2 months I am in hard training . Lifting as heavy as I can and still a relaxed eating style BUT I am cutting down on portion size and even my junk portions …I eat sweets or cake maybe some pizza once a week possibly twice . I do not count macros or calories but I know when I am eating too much or too little. My body tells me and it is important to be in tune with it. Each days energy requirements vary and for this reason I do not weigh or count.  In the gym I don’t do any super sets or drop sets at this stage. But the rests in between sets is brutally short . Just enough time to catch my breath , 20 to 30 secs .

Last week Saturday I did a figure posing lesson with Danni at Monster Gym. Today I need to discipline myself to put in some practice as I have many hours ahead of me to master the moves so they look natural. Later on I will make time to improve on my Fitness model routine which is freeer and more fluid, but one thing at a time.

I can get very one track in my thinking,,,Something I need to contain . Preparation for competition is really exciting but it can dominate the landscape if I let it.

After the build up to competetion. Now what ?


It’s pretty normal for fitness athletes to feel rather down after the long hard preparation to get stage ready. I am no exception. All year I have had the goal to compete. I knew I had a show in April and straight afterwards I was prepping for November. And while its so great not to be training so hard, and better still Im not dieting it takes some readjustment to ease back into off season normality. I am eating far less protein as I dont need as much. My fave treat right now is brown toast with peanut butter and honey. Good for energy. I admit to feeling down some days. Its cold and dark here in London and the days are getting shorter in terms of daylight. With no immediate goals on the horizon, a good thing actually….Its been a case of putting one foot in front of the other and getting on with it. My two young sons keep me on track and highly functioning. They deserve a happy Mommy and now that the rigors of competetion are over at least for now Im enjoying getting ready for Xmas . Jamie my 8 year old was singing me some of the Christmas carols he’s rehearsing for the school concert. Rob and I are really looking forward to it. Life is so much about finding balance. Its all too easy to get caught up in the destination and neglect the journey. So fitties, I hope this year had been good to you and that 2014 brings you peace. xoxo

WBFF Prep Progress : 4 Weeks VS 2 Weeks Out



Progress is evident here.. 2 weeks difference . Everything looks tighter, no?! Abs + biceps I reckon look leaner and ready for the show . This is what eating clean and training mean looks like.

We sure can all get results fitties ! 🙂